Commodity Flow

Commodity Flow is a consultancy which specialises in implementing AIS vessel and ship analytics solutions for trading and shipping companies around the world.

We deliver rapid, risk-free in-house AIS systems, or offer hosted AIS services in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our team has huge experience of delivering systems in trading or logistics environments; specialising particularly in oil, LNG, gas, iron ore and coal.  We integrate with major AIS vendors such as IHS Fairplay, Vessel Tracker and SpaceQuest.

  • Supramax Dry Freight Rates around Indonesia

    Supramax nickel ore freight rates could go up in near future, following the rumours in the market about Indonesian government loosening the ban on unprocessed nickel ore.    Since January 2014, Indonesia has passed a law banning the export of an unprocessed nickel ore and bauxite. The law requires local mining companies to build smelters in order to add value and gain more income from exporting their minerals.The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Indonesia has proposed a three-year exemp...

  • STASCO fleet patterns for last 12 months

    Below are the footprints of the Shell Stasco fleet for the last 12 months.  You can go down to the jetty level for these footprints if needs be.  Enjoy!

  • Possible suppliers of Petroleum Products into the Lebanon from outside the Med

    Overview This report assesses how many ports might supply Petroleum Products into the Lebanon from outside the Med   Platts cFlow was used for this analysis   Summary We believe that in particular the ports of Amsterdam, Bourgas, Kerch, Kulevi, Midia, Milford Haven, Porvoo and Yanbu are worthy of consideration for (customer) when assessing which ports might serve the Lebanon from outside the Med.     Fig 1: Scatterflow of ships visiting Beirut for the last two years &nbs...

  • cFlow launches Scatterflow function

    ScatterFlow shows you the flows of ships based on sampling history of representative ships.  ScatterFlow can be used to see the flow of vessels in, or out of a port: ScatterFlow can be used to see the macro flow of a vessel type, or a group of vessels: ScatterFlow can be used to show detailed vessel activity in a geographical region, port, or jetty:

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