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About Commodity Flow

Commodity Flow is a consultancy which specialises in implementing AIS vessel and ship analytics solutions for trading and shipping companies around the world.  

We deliver rapid, risk-free in-house AIS systems, or offer hosted AIS services in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our team has huge experience of delivering systems in trading or logistics environments; specialising particularly in oil, LNG, gas, iron ore and coal.  We integrate with major AIS vendors such as IHS Fairplay, Vessel Tracker and SpaceQuest.  Our consultants are experienced project and programme managers, developers, analysts and DBAs.  We offer several specialised AIS products as services, as well as in-house implementation of AIS systems for trading and shipping, and have more in-depth, technical experience in delivering AIS products to energy companies than any other company in the world.


Our primary software application and service describes the location of waterborne commodities around the globe, using real-time AIS data.

Our services include consultancy in programme project management, quality assurance, strategy, systems implementation and delivery. Our client focus is exclusively the physical and financial markets associated with energy trading.


Macro level view of the routes the BP Shipping fleet has been taking for the last year... January 2014

Using cFlow, you can quickly report on flows of gas or oil tankers, or analyse history of ports, or look at the movement of competitor fleets.

This diagram shows you the macro level footprint of the BP fleet in 2013.  You could do the same for any of your competitors.  Or you could just look at trading patterns for a given commodity.

Micro level view of BP Shipping in Rotterdam.

Just as easily as looking at the macro level for a competitor fleet, you could look at the micro level as well.  Here we see the terminals and berths used by the BP Shipping fleet for Rotterdam.  By understanding who uses which jetties, you can begin to build a picture of who your competitors are selling to within each port and region.

cFlow can give you specific ship information, or macro economic analysis.  Some of the very largest banks and commodities companies in the world use cFlow.  To find out more, contact us at customerservices@commodityflow.com.  

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If you would like to implement an AIS system in your company, quickly, and without risk, you can write to us at customerservices@commodityflow.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer Speaks

“cFlow is a key part of our systems strategy.  This is a tool which has become part of our trading analysis, our operations, and our scheduling processes"



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