Commodity Flow

Commodity Flow is a consultancy which specialises in implementing AIS vessel and ship analytics solutions for trading and shipping companies around the world.

We deliver rapid, risk-free in-house AIS systems, or offer hosted AIS services in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our team has huge experience of delivering systems in trading or logistics environments; specialising particularly in oil, LNG, gas, iron ore and coal.  We integrate with major AIS vendors such as IHS Fairplay, Vessel Tracker and SpaceQuest.

  • Ore and Coal flows from Brazil

    We've done some analysis around average ship speeds of bulkers carrying ore and coal out of Brazil and going to SouthEast Asia.  Interestingly, despite the general sense of gloom surrounding falls in Chinese imports, we are not seeing any drop of the numbers of ships exporting ore and coal into that region, certainly in the last twelve months.   We can however see a material drop in the average speed of these ships over the last four years, clearly indicating a desire to keep bunker co...

  • Nigerian oil supply glut concerns European Market

    Nigerian crude oil prices hit the lowest in ten years, with Bonny Light valued at only 23 cents more per barrel than Dated Brent and Qua Iboe at 35 cents more than Dated Brent. The price drop was instigated by an oversupply of physical oil and decline in demand for Nigerian crude. The US, who used to be the largest importer of country’s oil has cut out the imports due to their shale oil boom, which has also played a role in country’s oil glut.

  • JODI over-reports Oil export figures for Iran.

    Commodity Flow's new cTrend product has revealed that JODI is likely to have been considerably over-reporting crude oil export volumes from Iran, particularly during 2013. As you can see from the graph, cTrend data is compared to both IEA historical figures, and JODI figures.  At the beginning of 2014 the US and EU partially lifted sanctions against Iran, which might have prompted Iran to start accurately reporting data again, therefore the alignment of lines improved at the ...

  • African Oil exports weakening in February

    Commodity Flow has seen a steady drop in recent crude oil exports from leading African oil producers, Nigeria and Angola. February exports from the oil majors fell by 17% and 13% respectively in comparison to January; Nigeria has exported 1935 Mbbl/day and Angola – 1449 Mbbl/day. The decline in export volume continues into March particularly for Nigeria although Commodity Flow expects exports to recover slightly in April, according to provisional data.

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