Commodity Flow

Commodity Flow is a consultancy which specialises in implementing AIS vessel and ship analytics solutions for trading and shipping companies around the world.

We deliver rapid, risk-free in-house AIS systems, or offer hosted AIS services in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our team has huge experience of delivering systems in trading or logistics environments; specialising particularly in oil, LNG, gas, iron ore and coal.  We integrate with major AIS vendors such as IHS Fairplay, Vessel Tracker and SpaceQuest.

  • cTrend better indicator than JODI

    JODI data for LNG exports/imports in June 2015 came out today, together with some edited figures for the month of May as well. Our cTrend product actively uses JODI data to benchmark own volumes which we believe to be not only more timely, but better quality data as well. This month’s May adjustments highlight this well.

  • Panama Canal Congestion

    Waiting time to enter the Panama Canal from the Pacific side is generally higher, with average of 26 hours throughout past 4 years. Waiting time from the Atlantic side is on average 16 hours. There is no direct correlation between average waiting time and vessel sizes.

  • Ukraine expects 160,000 MT of anthracite coal from South Africa

    According to the Minister for energy and coal industry in Ukraine Volodymyr Demchyshyn, the country will import 160,000 MT of anthracite coal from South Africa. The first vessel is said to arrive by the 20th of September and the second one by October 15th. Taking in consideration the above information, with the help of cFlow Platts, Commodity Flow Ltd was able to identify the most likely candidate vessel currently under way in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Ore and Coal flows from Brazil

    We've done some analysis around average ship speeds of bulkers carrying ore and coal out of Brazil and going to SouthEast Asia.  Interestingly, despite the general sense of gloom surrounding falls in Chinese imports, we are not seeing any drop of the numbers of ships exporting ore and coal into that region, certainly in the last twelve months.   We can however see a material drop in the average speed of these ships over the last four years, clearly indicating a desire to keep bunker co...

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