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If you would like to implement an AIS system in your company, quickly, and without risk, you can write to us at customerservices@commodityflow.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our flagship product is cFlow Desktop (video). cFlow Desktop is an interactive decision support tool for energy trading professionals. On a real-time basis, the cFlow website displays the physical position of commodities on ships across the globe, using AIS technology.

cFlow is available as a software service (just a URL on your desktop) or delivered as an in-house application.

cFlow Desktop functionality includes:

  • Viewing existing vessel positions
  • Realtime aggregated reporting across regions
  • Schedulable reports for ship to ship operations, congestion queuing, and much more
  • Real-time reporting on regional movement of Coal and Iron Ore, Oil, LPG, LNG, Products and Chemicals
  • Real-Time email alerts
  • Estimating of ship destinations, loads and times to port
  • Incorporation of private reports and alerts into cFlow
  • Rapid viewing of history and vessel trails of up to 12 months
  • Creation of private vessel lists
  • Snapshot reporting of any point in the past
  • Private blogging of vessels and ports/jetties/terminals

cFlow Desktop offers unparalleled real-time competitive advantage to physical and financial traders around the world, and is available as a public hosted service, private service, or in-house system. To request a cFlow Desktop trial copy, please write to customerservices@commodityflow.com.

Additionally, cFlow Integration offers an API which allows you to integrate your AIS data into inhouse systems and spreadsheets, calling up vessel and port history, and provided an automated interface for AIS data.

To learn more about AIS, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_Identification_System

A version of cFlow Desktop is also available as Platts cFlow, with fixtures, freight rates, and much more.

CF Spreadsheet (video) is an interactive spreadsheet which provides online and realtime breakdown of LNG, Products, LPG, or the Crude VLCC fleet.

CF Reports are a set of reports (for example, Congestion reporting or Ship to Ship reporting) which allow rapid and near real-time analysis of what is really going on around ports.

cFlow can provide charts and graphs which summarise the flow of specific vessel types through key zones that you are interested in. Below, a line chart summarises a 3.5 year history, giving a number of Crude Oil tankers sailing through the Cape Town waypoint and further go to West Africa or American Coasts (as of 1st of July 2013).

Similarly, a bar chart reresents a 3.5 year history for LNG vessels sailing through the Cape Town waypoint and going to West Africa or America. It can be seen from the chart that LNG carriers are more likely to travel to West Africa after passing through the Cape Town, rather than sailing to American coasts (as of 1st of July 2013).

Finally, our FREE LongLatToLocation API allows you to convert Longitude and Latitude positions to real geographic shipping information - returning port details, jetty information etc for your current ship position.